Tres Ikner

  • Tres Ikner of Dutch Holly in front of trees with light streaming down
  • Indie Alternative Duo Dutch Holly's bass player Tres Ikner snd drummer Jen Juniper
  • Indie Alternative Duo Dutch Holly's Tres Ikner laughs in the forest
Indie Alternatice Duo Dutch Holly The Me You See Now Background Image

Tres Ikner is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer. Primarily, he has recorded and produced Dutch Holly, and has also done so for a handful of other indie/alternative artists.

Tres produces Dutch Holly’s videos and has pro
duced a few music videos for other artists.

He is also a web and graphic designer and created Dutch Holly’s artwork as well as logos, visuals, and branding for several other companies, most notably, Cloud Microphones in Tucson, AZ.