Dutch Holly – Indie Alternative Duo

Upcoming Release: “Now”

We’ve scheduled a global release date for February 29th, 2024, but for right NOW, the full song is exclusively available on independent radio stations, new and independent music podcasts, and other independent channels and playlists such as:

If you would like to download and share this track on YOUR channel, let us know:

Email: thosetwo@dutchholly.com
DM Instagram: @dutch_holly
DM Facebook: @DutchHolly

And be sure to let us know if you share it, so we can mention your channel here, on social media, and promote your channel to our network!

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Live Clips:

Brodie’s Dark Horse Tavern – Tucson, AZ
The Dark Side TFM – Tempe, AZ

Latest Single – Let the Light In

Recent Releases

All of Dutch Holly’s Recent Releases are Streaming and Available for Download on All Platforms


The Me You See Now



Zen Jen – Lyric Video

Lyric video for Dutch Holly’s classic banger, Zen Jen