Booking Details

Dutch Holly can perform up to three 45 minute sets at a given appearance. Please use the contact Info below to arrange for date, payment, and set times.


Phone: (928)710-0104

Performing Rights Organization affiliation: BMI

Input List:

Program Left (Mono, panned 100% left)

Program Right (Mono, panned 100% right)

Alesis Drum Pad (Mono)

Jen Vocal (mono)

Tres Vocal (mono)

Technical Details

Stage Monitors should be fed Program Left and Right, Vocal Left and Right, some guitar mic, and some of the drum mics.

Dutch Holly uses an in-ear monitoring system run from the Front of House (FOH) rack. As a result, the vocal inputs to the house sound will come from this rack and will have programmed effects.

Dutch Holly uses live-looping and MIDI programming to augment their sound. Adequate setup time and a sound check is necessary to ensure quality performance.

Program Left and Program Right and Vocal Left and Vocal Right house inputs must be panned left and right respectively to avoid phase cancellation.

The Sample Pad and MIDI Keyboard are mixed at the FOH rack and do not require their own house inputs. Sounds from these instruments will be blended with Program Left and Program Right inputs.

For smaller venues with a sound system less than what is specified on the stage plot and/or without a dedicated sound operator, Dutch Holly travels with their own sound system requires adequate load in, setup time, and a sound check to ensure the show goes well. Please let us know in advance if your house sound does or does not meet the requirements.