OUtlawCoverNot long ago, Jen Juniper and Trés Ikner decided to throw off the tired conventions of a regular band and strike out in a new direction, and they haven’t looked back since: They’ve barely had the time! The indie pop duo debuted their music in February 2014 as a live-looping duo: That day, they discovered that they were on to something big as members of the crowd came up to the stage and started plunking down cash right on Tres’ keyboard! Since then, they’ve traveled extensively, sharpening their live act and writing new material along the way. Today, Dutch Holly’s show is an entirely original, singular experience.

hqdefault1The duo is a formidable songwriting force, having been lauded by critics, fans and music industry professionals alike. 2015 saw the release of Outlaw, Dutch Holly’s self-produced 5-song EP. Two singles from that recording hovered for weeks within the top 10 songs on Number One Music’s global indie pop charts both enjoying some time at #1 on the global chart. Not even a year later, in 2016, Dutch Holly landed a music publishing deal, ensuring that their music will be heard all over the world.

In 2017 as Dutch Holly continues in their third year of performing as a duo, they find themselves playing larger stages, captivating bigger crowds, and traveling out of their home region of the desert Southwest. Their sound is as distinct as their approach to performance, having been labeled “neo psychedelic” and “electro-psych pop” by music critics. Festivals and large clubs have developed a taste for the pair’s unique ability to enthrall crowds with their lush harmonies, spacy textures, and dance-able grooves, so the dynamic duo find themselves in higher demand than ever before.

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