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The Big Sound

RavenfeatherSummerGlory Be Dutch Holly has been traveling all over creation playing gigs as a duo for about four years now. We've played some great shows, some great gigs, (check out my post on Gigs vs. Shows), and we've played a couple not-so-great gigs in smaller bar/restaurants.  One thing I've observed over...

Tour of Least Resistance – 3 Weeks Before

It was not long after we decided on an itinerary that took us through Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, Memphis, Lexington KY, and Lewisburg WV, and then back again through each town, than we decided to change it. I've made extensive inquiries in each town and, so far, we have two dates...

Tour Of Least Resistance

Early this summer, Jen, Max and I had occasion to travel to Tucson for a couple of back-to-back gigs at Ermano's and then Sky Bar. Typically, when we have an intensive set of gigs out of town, we make other arrangements for Max since we usually don't have space for...

Les Scott Playlist 1

New song: "Souvenir" (FULL DEMO) New song: "Ghosting Me" (Mix4) GhostingMe_Mix4  

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