Why AZ Does Not Suck – Episode 2

Ghosts of Bisbee

Jen and I spent some time roaming aimlessly around Arizona and once found ourselves in Bisbee, AZ.  Predictably, we loved it so much, we came perilously close to buying a hotel/saloon there. Though our co-investors were ready to spring into action, the hard reality of the lifestyle change it was going dictate sunk in as soon as the Electric Beer wore off, and we flitted in the other direction: North to Prescott.  We can’t say we haven’t looked back at this spooky, artistic oasis nestled in the southernmost reaches of the Copper State, and this weekend, we’re electrified be returning to Bisbee to play at The Quarry.

Nowhere-Man-and-a-Whiskey-Girl1-bisbee-streetNo mention of music in Bisbee would be complete without the husband-wife duo of Derrick and Amy Ross, otherwise known as Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl. Their tragic story ended in 2013 when Amy died in surgery and, unable to go on, Derrick took his own life. I’m haunted by their  sad end, and I’m reminded of the suicide of another Bisbee artist, photographer Nick Devore III, who shot himself in the heart just before we visited Bisbee for the first time. I can’t help but feel the eerie parallel of returning to Bisbee in the wake of the loss of much beloved local artists. It seems we will again encounter Bisbee still reeling from a tragedy, with the ghosts of its brightest stars hanging in the air.

Nowhere Man and Whiskey Girl are survived by their musical campadre, Mike Montoya of latin/indie outfit Fatigo. We’ve had the pleasure of playing a show or two in the past with Fatigo. Though Mike and the other Fatigonians seem to have scattered all over Arizona and the country, they still play shows on the regular, and Mike seems to be haunting Bisbee fairly frequently himself.


The Quarry Bisbee

Dana House

Dana House, proprietrix, The Quarry Bisbee

Dana House is the proprietrix of this jumping gastropub that has put Brewery Avenue at the epicenter of live music in Bisbee. She seems hell-bent on booking interesting bands from all over the nation. On a given night, you might hear the cataclysmic neo-noir of a band like La Fin Absolute Du Monde from San Francisco, or the happy-go-plucky folk rock of Gleewood from the Ruidoso, New Mexico. The fare at the Quarry is just as interesting,  boasting a focus on “farm-to-table, non-gmo, local, fresh and seasonal fare. High quality comfort food, slow foods and fresh craft cocktails and beer.” Jen and I  can’t wait to get to Bisbee for this next show, and we’ll be there in plenty of time to sample the wares at The Quarry.
Dutch Holly plays at 9PM at The Quarry Bisbee on April 18, 2015.