2Trés Ikner (rhymes with “gray bike fur”) has a difficult time writing about himself in third person so I think I’ll just stop it now, at least for this page. It is my distinct privilege to call myself Jen Juniper’s worse half, though she’ll probably tell me not to put that on the website, or at least to phrase it differently. In Dutch Holly terms, I’m the nuts and bolts guy. I spend a lot of time figuring out how to do stuff, like how to build a home recording studio and get it to produce decent-sounding results, or how to create a video ocean and have a glowing Jen Juniper appear hovering over it while singing in slow motion.  I do most of that kind of stuff: The video editing and the recording engineering.  I play guitar, keys, bass, percussion and an assortment of oddments like melodica and table-tops. My favorite instrument to play is a Rhodes stage piano.  As you may have surmised, I do our graphics and I am the web designer for this, our humble website.
grigori-rasputinIt is the best thing in the world to me to get to  be a dad to Max, our son. As often as I can, I teach him what I know. That is a weird assortment of stuff, like how to play AC/DC’s Back in Black on the piano, or how to live up to the title which he will eventually inherit: “The Great Watash.” (I inherited this title from my own late father, and it is vitally important that the Watashian heir understand his duties).  Straddling the chasm between suburban fatherhood and weirdo musician guy is a great life, and I’m really a pretty happy guy, but as I recently discovered, I almost always look serious and dour in pictures and videos. This is totally not on purpose, I am just one of those people (like Rasputin) who appears to be a severe character.  I’ll work on it, really I will, but I’m not promising anything.