Tour Of Least Resistance

Early this summer, Jen, Max and I had occasion to travel to Tucson for a couple of back-to-back gigs at Ermano’s and then Sky Bar. Typically, when we have an intensive set of gigs out of town, we make other arrangements for Max since we usually don’t have space for both our rigs, a sound system, and another passenger. And even if we did, it isn’t every 11 year old boy who wants to travel with his parents in a 2-door Hyundai hatchback to a city several hours away and schlepp gear into and out of the car.

But Max isn’t every 11 year old boy, and he’s taken more than a passing interest in the Family Business lately. So, enabled and emboldened by a new Samsonite car-top carrier, and with just a smidge more aerodynamic drag, we returned to dear old Tucson where we were met with open arms by our dear friend and colleague Rodger Cloud. Rodger graciously put us up at his sumptuous desert digs where, by day, we oscillated languidly between hot tub and saltwater pool, and sipped fruit smoothies. Both Thursday and Friday evenings, Jen and I trekked down to 4th avenue to play gigs while Max kicked it at the Hacienda with Rodger.

All these idyllic circumstances put us in the mind that we could tour this way if we really put our hearts and minds to it. Over the last couple years we’ve discovered that when we travel for playing music, we find ourselves meeting delightful people, staying at fun and interesting places, and generally things seem to work out in often unexpected and fabulous ways. So, by accepting an invitation to travel back East for my cousin’s wedding, we have embarked on a new family adventure that we’re calling The Tour of Least Resistance.

Tour of Least Resistance - Leg 1: Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, Memphis, Lexington KY, and Lewisburg WV.

Tour of Least Resistance – Leg 1


July 20th and August 4th – Albuquerque NM

July 21 and August 3 – Amarillo TX

July 22 and August 2 – Tulsa OK

July 23 and August 1 – Memphis TN

July 24 and July 30 – Lexington KY

July 26 – 29 – Lewisburg, WV

We’re reaching out to people and venues in each city right now, and if you happen to be reading this and you are or know of anyone or anything cool in any of these places we should check out, please drop us a line. We’re excited to see what happens next. Updates and accounts of the adventure will be forthcoming.