Tour of Least Resistance – 3 Weeks Before

It was not long after we decided on an itinerary that took us through Albuquerque, Amarillo, Tulsa, Memphis, Lexington KY, and Lewisburg WV, and then back again through each town, than we decided to change it. I’ve made extensive inquiries in each town and, so far, we have two dates booked and both are  in Lewisburg, WV, my home town, which is where we’re headed. Everywhere else is a waypoint.

The route drawn on a map of the US that goes through Prescott, AZ, Albuquerque NM, Nederland CO, Hays KS, Sunrise Beach MO, Carlyle IL, Lexington KY, and Lewisburg WV

Out route across the country

Albuquerque is looking promising, I’ve been in contact with a few booking people, and in our newly reconsidered route, Albuquerque is still our first and last stop before home. We’re already hooked up with discounted hotel room there by our good friend Maddie, which is an indicator of good fortune to come. From the ‘Querque, we’ll veer due north into Colorado, hitting Nederland a little northwest of Denver. There, we’ve got a lovely friend, Galadriel, who we’ve been promising to visit. After that, the next night, we’ll stop in Hays, KS a place that bears the dubious distinction of “the largest city in Northwest Kansas.” From Hays, it’s on to Missouri. I can’t wait to hit the state line just so I can announce: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Our destination in MO is Sunrise Beach. I love that there’s an anything Beach in landlocked Missouri, but it’s double fun because one of Jen’s dearest friends, Raquel, lives there and it’s been FAR too long since we’ve seen her. Plus, she’s got RAD digs right on the water, and in fact deals waterfront real-estate there. Out of Sunrise Beach, it’s a short jaunt to Carlyle, IL where we can get off the road and be on the water a second day, and we’ve found a fantastic little Air BnB there right on the river. From there, it’s a reasonable drive to my brother Charles’ new digs in Lexington, KY where my other brother, John, and his daughter Emily will already be. The next day, we’ll drive to our easternmost destination, my hometown of Lewisburg, WV.

Perhaps the greatest developments since I checked in about a week ago are the people and places that have come out of the woodwork in Lewisburg, WV. First, my aunt Lou Ella and uncle Chuck Lewis have agreed to put us up at their place the evenings of the 26th and 27th, so that’s awesome. Also on those nights, we have gigs in Lewisburg: the 26th at the Asylum, and the 27th at Hill and Holler Pizza and Bikes. Then, on Friday the 28th we’ve been invited to stay on the Greenbrier River at my dear old friend Daniel’s vacation spot on an island in the middle of the river! “It was a labor of love, something I’ve always wanted to do,” he told me. “Had a cool-ass architect design it.” Indeed. Can’t wait to see it!

That Friday there is a pre-party (pre-ception should be a word) for my cousin Emily, whose wedding is the next day. Jen and I are going to do some music for the wedding, and that Saturday night, we’ll be staying at an old brick colonial that belongs to my buddy Devin whose dad worked as an attorney at my dad’s law firm way back in that ancient time known as the late ’80s. Then, we’re not sure if we’re going to stay Sunday or hoof it back to Lexington KY, but in either case, the trip back is still in the planning stages and will therefore require another blog post.

Tres singing into a microphone with a Zildjian cymbal in the foreground and a white background. He is wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt and a guitar strap is visible across his left shoulder

Screen grab from the video we’re working on

During this week, I’m working feverishly on re-tooling my audio rig to exclude my 88-key behemoth of a keyboard in favor of a much smaller, lighter synth. That has yielded some fun and exciting new ways of performing that I had not yet considered. Also, I’m burning the midnight oil editing a top-secret video project Jen and I have been keeping under wraps for some time, trying to get it out before departure.  I feel that I’ve made significant enough progress now to mention it for the first time in public. And finally, I’m finalizing the mix and mastering of the song that accompanies that project. All I’ll say about it right now is that it is a cover tune. (Yes, we made a video to a cover song).

Outstanding items abound at this, the 21-day-out mark, but I have to say that Jen, Max, and I are getting excited for a journey we all know will be one of the most memorable experiences of our lives!