New Release - 6.21.21

Hey Guys, here’s the song we want to record with all of you fine folks and have your smiling faces and voices in the video! Thanks for participating and let’s make a great thing!

Tres (928) 710-0104

“The Friendship Song”


Click the link to download the song:

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Now we’ve had three sessions and have mostly tracked everything:

Drums and Beach Boys-y backup vox: Shawnee Davis
Bass: Zac Mendenhall
Mandolin: Sasha Timpson
Epic Electric solo, engineering: Dylan Ludwig
Trombone: Bobby Bennett
Trumpet: Mick Holdsworth
Backing Vox, tambourine, glockenspiel: Jen Juniper
Lead vox, less Beach Boys-y backing vox, electric rhythm guitar, and acoustic guitars – Tres Ikner

This is what it sounded like after two sessions. Never mind all the talking and noodling and carrying on, this is all pre-edit, pre-mix.



Did I ever tell you just how much it means to me

That you’ve always been there exactly like a friend should be

When I’ve fallen you reach right down and pull me back on to my feet

If I could repay you, that’d be sweet.


Your act didn’t fool me, no matter how hard you tried

Cuz you’ve got a sadness that even your smile can’t hide

Now it’s my turn to reach right down and pull you back on to your feet.

No matter what happens it’s you and me


There upon your funny face, a frown just looks so out of place

Would ya think that I was from outer space if I wanna help you turn it around?

‘Cuz every time that I fall down, you pick me up right off the ground and

Help me make a smile from a frown, ‘cuz that’s what friends are for


Chord Chart: 



Horn Parts: