Telling a new story

In late October 2010, What Rhymes With You was released. Immediately after, we were focused primarily on promoting it. Now that the label, Expat Records, has their push well underway, our focus has changed.

Arizona Indie Pop Band Dutch Holly employs a cellist

The last two months have been a time of creative incubation. Jen, Max and I have opened our lives and our home to new music and new musical possibilities. The energy of our focused attention (and intention) has breathed new life into our creative process. New people and experiences are now manifesting daily. A new group of musicians has come into our orbit. They bring with them a host of perspectives, energies, experiences and aspirations that merge with our own to co-create a musical chemistry that will fuel the recording of our new album, a process that has already begun. Tuesday night freeform jams (we have recorded a few, and will post highlights soon) are pointing to a sophisticated orchestration of instruments including cello, accordion, harmonium, violin, piano and mandolin. Songs that capitalize on this gorgeous blend of instruments and players are beginning to suggest themselves.

Our live band is also beginning to take shape. The days of the stripped-down drums, bass and

Indie pop band Dutch Holly performs live
Dutch Holly the stripped down version

 guitar driven Dutch Holly are at an end. While we still employ those elements, they are the foundation upon which a more florid sound is beginning to emerge, replete with lush vocal harmonies and unusual, textural instrumentals.

It’s an exciting time to be in this band!

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