Dutch Holly to play the AZ Best Fest

Prescott’s “Outstanding Musical Artist” to play AZ Best Fest

Dutch Holly joins the ranks of national artists such as Wayne Newton and The Tubes scheduled to perform at the AZ Centennial Celebration, the AZ Best Fest in Prescott. The band, fronted by husband/wife singer-songwriters Jen and Tres Ikner, is no stranger to the larger stages of Prescott. In April, 2011 Dutch Holly was presented with Prescott’s First Annual Buckey Award for Outstanding Musical Artist. Since then, they have been a mainstay at public events like the Whiskey Off-Road on the Courthouse Square and more recently, Neptune’s Tea Party at the Elk’s Theatre, where the band featured several guest performers including all-ages choir comprised of children and adults. Their Centennial Celebration performance promises more delightful surprises, and is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th on the Pavillions Stage in Prescott on North Cortez Street at 5:00 PM. In October 2010, Dutch Holly’s 5-song EP entitled What Rhymes With You was released internationally on Expat Records. Songs from that album have been featured on international online-radio like Girls Rock Radio and Radio Orphans Podcast, as well as shows airing on National Public Radio such as The Folk Sessions and Prescott Arts Beat. Dutch Holly is currently recording a full-length record due out by the end of this year.

Dutch Holly Awarded Outstanding Musical Artist for 2011
Dutch Holly Interviewed on The Folk Sessions